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We can analyze your business context, goals, current marketing approach, and the critical behaviors that will be necessary for success. This information lays the foundation for a detailed marketing plan that is in line with your goals and budget.


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Performance is Everything

Inteligenca’s creative and marketing teams are dedicated to creating their own standard of excellence. We have redefined marketing by blending strategic marketing strategies with the art of rich, award winning creative services.


We are the best at developing profitable ideas: communication strategies including extensive social media campaigns and concepts that have real business impact.


We work across departments and teams to develop award-winning work that gets people talking and boosts our clients’ brands.

We have the best-in-class expertise in data, creativity, media, technology, search, social and more.



Whatever type of industry your business is in, you rely on one or more specific processes to successfully achieve your goals. At Inteligenca, we have found that by following our own well-designed process we are best able to meet the needs of our clients.


  • Determine facts that set you apart through discovery.


  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of current marketing efforts


  • Develop a cohesive plan that supports your business plan


  • Create efforts to remain consistent, effective and sustainable.


All aspects of your marketing will be a part of a greater whole


Each component will be working toward a larger business objective


Bring your teams together to create a common purpose


Execute the strategy & start realizing ROI

Marketing & Sales

The best inbound marketing in the world means nothing if you can’t close a sale. To achieve success, it is essential that we close the loop between your marketing and sales activities. This unity maximizes your overall marketing and sales potential,


Connecting your marketing activities to sales is where the real magic happens. To make the connection, we will define what makes a lead “sales ready”, what sales activities should take place, and who is responsible. It will also provide a clear plan for tracking success.

Attract Customers


Attracting prospective customers is the name of the game. If we can get the right people to view your offering, we are already on the path to winning. To generate targeted traffic, we will create engaging and relevant blogs  videos, social media posts, and media placements. We will also promote them in the places your target audience consumes information.


Every marketing or creative campaign we do is only measured by how successful the content is planned to naturally attract your buyer personas

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