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Lead Mindfully

Leadership Training


Attending our workshops will strengthen your

leadership excellence. You will learn how to:



  • Apply practical mindfulness methods into your daily routines to enhance self-awareness


  • Obtain, maintain and sustain your focus and attention


  • Master your emotional responses and increase your mental resilience


  • Develop agile and adaptive mindsets


  • Become an effective listener, and communicator by applying methods learned in the class


  • Increase your creative (CQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ)

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Improve your Leadership Skills

Learn how to develop your capacity to lead, inspire and influence in complex times.

Include Cybersecurity

2018 / September 6

This is an annual community event with a mission of bringing more women and other underrepresented groups into cybersecurity jobs. We are raising awareness about the lack of Sacramento Valley cybersecurity talent, especially women and helping them get the necessary education and skills to enter the field. Join us in raising the new generation of cybersecurity defenders!

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5:00 pm to 9:00pm

Rancho Cordova, US

Agile, Business Driven and

Mindful Project Management Office Workshops

Are you looking for insight into the key principles required to scale and adopt a successful business-driven PMO? Interested in understanding key tell-tale signs of a non-business-driven PMO (and why they’re usually unsuccessful)? Would you like to learn how to seek out and identify select opportunities to make your PMO approach more agile? Are you interested in

learning how to augment your PMO leadership’s toolbox with techniques on how to improve both individual and organization leadership focus on compassionate communication, emotional intelligence (EQ) and other mindful practices? In our two-day workshop you will take away these

ideas and learning, gaining new (or refreshed) knowledge, skills and a clearer understanding of the Agile-Business-Driven (and Mindful) PMO.

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GDPR Simply Explained!

Get compliant to avoid the penalty fees.

In our intensive two-day workshop, you will learn how to quickly decipher what you need to focus on and how to develop a roadmap to get your business GDPR compliant. Our goal is to provide you all the tools and resources you need, including the necessary knowledge to become the key GDPR subject-matter expert at your organization. With the right information, you will be prepared to help ensure data privacy and information security are implemented as required by the new EU GDPR.  

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